Monday, April 02, 2007

Oh, I'm sure there's no connection

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CNN reports that an American, working as a researcher/writer, has "disappeared" while in Iran.
The State Department is investigating a report of an American citizen missing in Iran, spokesman Sean McCormack said Monday.

"We don't see any linkage whatsoever between this case and any other ongoing cases that may have been in the news recently," McCormack said, apparently referring to the 15 British sailors and marines who were seized by Iran more than a week ago.

The American -- described as older and retired -- is believed to have been in Iran working for an independent author/producer, trying to set up an interview, several senior U.S. officials said.

The State Department said the man has been missing for more than a week and hasn't been in touch with his family or his employer.

Officials said the man went missing on Kish Island off the southern coast of Iran. The island is part of a free-trade zone under Iranian authority. Under most circumstances non-Iranian nationals do not need a visa to visit Kish.
Hmmm... let's see, southern coast... hmmm... no, certainly no connection...

And, there's no chance he's a NOC.

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