Sunday, April 01, 2007

One does have to wonder

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I do sometimes wonder about the sentences the American criminal justice system delivers on those convicted of various crimes. I'm not sure if the content on the photo with this post is actual, but I wouldn't doubt it.

Here's another criminal sentence "thing" I've wondered about in the last couple of days. Australian David Hicks pled guilty this week at the Guantanamo Bay detention and judicial facility.

I've decided Mr. Hicks is smarter than most of us. I don't know if he's guilty or not. I don't know what sort of evidence was compiled against him. I don't know how dangerous he actually is. But I think he figured something out. He pled guilty... and his sentence is an additional 9 months... which he'll serve in a prison in his homeland.

When he gets out, there will still be detainees, some/many of whom are presumably innocent, serving time in Gitmo. Er, sorry.... they're not serving time; they're detained.

Anyway, here's an anomaly: Plead guilty and get out ahead of everyone else.

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