Monday, April 23, 2007

One Thin Dime: More than it looks

One Thin Dime
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Andy Ostroy says Harry Reid is "right."

I'm not so fast to claim all is lost, but I'll go back to a little something I've been harping on for a while: there's no way for any nation to win a conflict only using military force. One must successfully use all the elements of national power.

Shall we review?
  • Diplomacy.

  • Information.

  • Military.

  • Economics.
That's four legs. No three. Or two. Or one. Four.

I will go out on a limb, you can't successfully influence other nations -- in the long term -- without using the full complement of national power. And, further, I'll suggest that, indeed, all will be lost if we are not able to successfully implement the D, I, and E in Iraq.

As I've noted before: We seem to have forgotten that we succeeded in the initial military efforts; only when we want it to "stick" have we come to realize that one leg doesn't do the trick.

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