Monday, April 16, 2007

Scrapple: It's not just for breakfast anymore

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Seems that George Tenet, who's been teaching at Georgetown University for the last several years, has put the finishing touches on a tell-all book that will likely generate a few headlines in the mainstream media and plenty of posting in the blogosphere.

There's gonna be a scrapple...

Al Kamen tells us,
The drums have begun sounding for the long-awaited book by former CIA director George Tenet, in which he gives his take on pre-9/11 days and on Saddam's huge cache of weapons of mass destruction.

And the drums are saying that Tenet is not going to get too many Christmas cards from Vice President Cheney's office after they read "At the Center of the Storm." Folks from down the river at the Pentagon, including former deputy secretary of defense Paul Wolfowitz-- a guy who's already going through a rough patch -- and former defense undersecretary Douglas Feith, might also get some heartburn.

Former secretary of state Colin Powell comes out fine. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who was President Bush's key adviser in engineering the Iraq invasion, doesn't come out so fine. Not fine at all.

The White House definitely won't be overjoyed, we're hearing. Tenet even takes some shots at himself and for the first time explains his astute assurance that "it's a slam-dunk case" when Bush asked him how solid the WMD evidence was.
You can pre-order At the Center of the Storm from Amazon.

Let's make this our book for May's Blogosphere Bookclub!

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