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This post is not about the Coast Guard

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How, exactly, do a man and a woman fall from a cruise ship? Regular readers to the Musings have likely asked this question more than once in the last week.

Tom Roeder at the Colorado Springs Gazette has written an interesting article, Academy probing cruise ship plunge. The Academy in question is, of course, the Air Force Academy located in Mr. Roeder's back yard. (We note that other academies probe other plunging, but we'll not digress here.)

You may remember that Air Force Cadet Ernesto Guzman, 22, was spending his spring break cruising on the Grand Princess in the Gulf of Mexico. Somehow, he ended up in the Gulf of Mexico, falling (or, it seems, maybe diving) the distance of several stories into the water.

Mr. Roeder notes that some news accounts have labeld Cadet Guzman a hero for diving off a cruise ship to rescue a female companion, 20-yearold Clarice Partee, who had gone overboard.

I'm still wondering how the "female companion" ended up overboard.

Ms. Partee, a student at the University of Colorado, spent several hours in the water. She was rescued, but not by Cadet Guzman.

My favorite part of Mr. Roeder's article provides a reasonable explanation (other than the one that had been firmly in place in mind, an explanation which I can't really go into detail on this blog which attempts to maintain some semblance of a "G" rating):
Heather Coen of Loveland was aboard the Grand Princess when Guzman went overboard. She said she can’t understand how the couple climbed over the waist-high deck railing in their ninth-level stateroom to wind up in the water.

"You’d have to climb or take a really good running jump," she said.

She said fellow passengers were angry with Guzman and Partee for throwing the weeklong cruise off its schedule, forcing the skipper to cut short a port call in Mexico.

She said one rumor among Grand Princess passengers was that Guzman and Partee were using the rail to re-enact a scene from the movie “Titanic,” in which actress Kate Winslett balances on the ship’s railing while being kept from falling by actor Leonardo DiCaprio.
That answers that.

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