Thursday, April 12, 2007

Who's reading?

I'm always amazed at who stops by the Musings. And I sometimes wonder who these people are.

Several years ago, a flag officer I was working for stopped me in the front office to ask who had "gotten my ire." It took several moments for me to get additional information to discover that he'd been reading this posting on this very blog.

Scary. People are reading. As I have been reminded over and over in the ensuing years.

I've only been using minimal tools to drag readership on the blog. One that I use is Gvisit which does nothing more than tell me the location (city/state) of people who drop in on the blog (and it gives me nothing for those who read by RSS).

Anyway, I'd like to throw out a quick "howdy" to my brother, visiting from Indiana, Pennsylvania. Now, if I could just figure out who everyone else is... ;-)

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