Thursday, May 03, 2007

YouTube: Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom

A little something put together by someone...


  1. But what if Channon wanted it done to her, paid Lemaricus and Letalvis to kill her boyfriend and then, under threat of exposing them to the police (for her boyfriend’s murder), blackmailed them into ’sexually torturing her to death’?

    Let’s stick to the facts. It is very widely reported that Channon KNEW her assailants.

    the only reason national media isn’t picking this story up and running with it is b/c they don’t want to ruin the Snow White reputation you all have imagined Channon to have.

    Last week Lemaricus took the #1 spot in the 2007Sexiest & Hardest Black Male Felon Bragging Rights Competition!

  2. Too many African Americans are racists. Every day they do hate crimes on EuroAmericans. There just is not any justice.

  3. Hi everyone.
    This case needs media coverage.

    GO HERE to get Nancy Grace on the case:

    Or email

    She will have this case on her show!

    Someone needs to stick up for the victims!

  4. Well Leroy, Would You like to have something like that done to You and Your Wife?

    No Chance, and no chance that anyone else would either!

    This was a crime commited from evil and hate, pure and simple.
    Weather or not She knew them, does not matter, if she did know them however, they knew they would have to kill Her when they were done, that's pre-meditated murder, and is punishable by death!

    Your statement that follows, "under threat of exposing them to the police (for her boyfriend’s murder), blackmailed them into ’sexually torturing her to death’?" Is the biggest bunch of crap I have ever read!

    This kind of hate must stop, from whites, blacks, hispanics, asians or whoever.

    The only way we are EVER going to move forward is to put our hatefilled past where it belongs, IN THE PAST!

    I'll try to put it in terms You'll better understand, You saying she wanted it, or made it happen because She knew Her attackers, is like a white person saying Medgar Evers wanted it because He knew the white woman He whistled at, See how competely stupid that sounds!!

    And by making statements like the one You made, makes You no different than the hate mongering goofs that burn crosses in black folks frontt Yards

    This country is more separated now than ever, along political, racial, and economical lines, it's what made this country the best on the face of the earth, and now we are trying to tear it apart by those same lines.