Friday, May 25, 2007

Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Academy: Still Required, at least on the right coast

While glancing through the newly signed Atlantic Theatre People Plan (LANTAREAINST 5357.1A), I discovered that while the Commandant no longer requires attendence at the CPO Academy, the Area Commander does. I believe this applies to all Chiefs assigned to non-HQ within the confines of Atlantic Area.
All regular and reserve Chiefs (E-7, E-8 and E-9) in the Atlantic Theatre are required to attend the Coast Guard CPO Academy or an equivalent DoD senior enlisted leadership academy. Only those with an approved retirement date are exempt from this requirement. Failure to attend should be considered in enlisted evaluations and should be disqualifying for special assignments. Deployable units shall make every effort to allow chiefs to attend this course during a portion of a deployment. Once orders are issued, cancellations require the approval of the first flag officer in the member's chain of command. Enclosure (1) specifies procedures for units under Atlantic Area OPCON to request to cancel or reschedule CPO Academy orders.
Seeking clarification, I spoke with Master Chief Richard Brown, the MLCA Command Master Chief. He told me that the same is true on the left coast, and PACAREA's language was even stronger. And, he told me that the Commandant still requires attendance at the CPO Academy to be eligible for E-9.

This is all good; the Chief Petty Officer Academy is an excellent learning opportunity located in the hills and valleys of Petaluma, CA. Notes John Niece, School Chief of the Chief Petty Officer Academy,
Prepare to be engaged--you will find the Chief's Academy very different from any previous resident course experience. It is not simply another "C" school, but the beginning of the most critical transition in your career--advancement to E-7.
Altus tendo.

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