Saturday, May 05, 2007

Have we come full circle?

Coast Guard Ben
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Many years ago, when America's Fifth Military Service started carrying weapons and conducting regular law enforcement boardings, there were tales of over-the-top encounters with mariners, mostly recreational boaters.

Well, now we've moved on to perceived over-the-top encounters with professional mariners.

Michael Grey recently published his "Viewpoint" on Lloyd's List; it's worth a read.

Follow that with Alexander Hamilton's first Letter of Instruction.

And wonder how far the smallest American military force has come... or how far it has not come...

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  1. This was an interesting article. I had a chance to read it a few days ago as it was being passed around the Coast Guard. I printed it out and now have it as a "must read" for my guys (Sector Seattle VBST). I'm sorry to see that this kind of incident happened, but I would like to reassure your readers that it is not the norm for USCG law enforcement to take such actions. I hope all who read this take it as the writings of one person and not the whole USCG.

    ~Ryan @