Thursday, May 03, 2007

How come you haven't heard about the murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom?

How come it took months before I heard about the murders of these two college students. Was I asleep?

Wikipedia entry on the murders notes,
Despite the gruesome nature of these murders, they received virtually no coverage in the mainstream media. Some commentators have said that this is due to a media bias which provides more coverage to cases in which whites allegedly attack blacks (such as the Duke Lacrosse case) than vice versa.
Is there such bias?

Lewis Loflin suggests there is. He also notes,
The website and writer, in the strongest possible terms, denounces racist and anti-Semitic groups such a s, etc. This issue is not about race, but facts and the failure of much of the so-called "mainstream press" in presenting unbiased and equal coverage of events. Also note the accused in this case are innocent until convicted in a court of law. Let's kill any racist hysterics and give the system a chance to work. Stick to the facts, don't give the Leftist' idiots the tools they need (racism charges) to divert attention from the facts. Let's direct our prayers and support to the victim's families.
As a person who has actively participated in counter-demonstrations to Nazi public appearances, I agree with Mr. Loflin. This isn't, no matter what people may try to say or do, an issue of race. This is, plain and simple, a crime which has not received coverage which would be appropriate for the alleged events.

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