Saturday, May 05, 2007

In response to new blogging rules

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Michael Weiss at Salon has a good overview of online comments about the Army's new blogging rules.

And then at The Raw Story, there's this story about the results of a recent survey of American forces:
A survey of US combat troops deployed in Iraq has found that one in 10 said they mistreated civilians and more than a third condoned torture to save the life of a comrade, a report said Friday.

The study by an army mental health advisory team found continuing problems with morale and that acute mental health issues were more prevalent among troops with lengthening tours or on their second and third deployment to Iraq.

What's the solution? How about allowing members to have a creative outlet -- say blogging -- and reducing the time-in-country and increasing time at home.

Oh, right, can't do the last one as we're stretched way too thin.

And, that being the case, we can expect to have bad news on the wire for months and years to come.

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