Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Internet intrudes on real life: Where are the boundaries?

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On Mother’s Day, the Stinson Clan was sitting in the Olde Towne Bakery enjoying brunch when my life on the Internet met my life in real life. First, Clyde Nordan was at a table with his family. Clyde, an awesome photographer, had written me months ago commenting on my flickr photostream’s pics of Olde Towne. We’d met in the flesh a couple of weeks ago alst at the Bakery. Then, as Jenny and the younger boys were sitting, I saw Deb come in.

I said to Jenny, “Hey, she’s on flickr.” Indeed it was as Deb looked like her 365 photos. Loudly, I said, “Aren’t you Deb from flickr?” and she said, “Hey, you’re the Tidewater Muse.”

My wife looks at my, an eyebrow raised. “You’re like a celebrity.”

Well, no, but I have an online-life that sometimes meets real life. And, that’s okay.

This merge of the online with the off-line is one of the things I find most powerful about Web 2.0. That I can actually build and sustain relationships with real people is powerful. That people can engage in dialogue and share themselves is powerful. That people can move between the online and the off-line is powerful. That both the online and the off-line can be harnessed for change and art and work and relationships is powerful.

I like that I live in both worlds. I want to live in both worlds without forsaking one or the other.

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  1. I find it interesting that you want to maintain relationships with the people you meet online. How does that affect the people in your real life?