Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It may be notional, but it’s moving forward

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Things with the Coast Guard’s ongoing “transformation” are notional at the moment… because there hasn’t been Congressional notifications.

You’d think we’d have done that already. A decade ago the Coast Guard decided to move off of Governor’s Island off the southern end of Manhattan. The CG got all the way to the almost-calling-the-moving-vans, and remembered that we’d forgotten to let the White House and Congress know. Ooops. Needless to say, the elected representatives from the State of New York weren’t too happy, and the folks in the White House were upset at getting blindsided. Everything went into a holding pattern while senior Coast Guard leaders ran around and tried to “do” politics.


I’d have thought that we learned our lesson. But, the scuttle has it that we haven’t, at least organizationally.

I can’t imagine that any elected representative or Congressional staffer would either be surprised or concerned about these impending strategic, organizational transformations. Admiral Allen has made a substantial number of public comments, including at his statement before the confirmation hearing last spring. Couple that with his most-recent State of the Coast Guard address, and anyone who keeps track of Coast Guard issues ought to know what’s going on.

Well, all that and we’re an organization that looks more like a sieve.

Got to love transparency, eh?

Anyway, these current organizational changes ought to be a no-brainer, based on the parameters that are in play.

First off, there’s going to be limited impact in terms of number of command and employees outside the beltway. Still going to be a major, three-star command in Alameda and another in Portsmouth. Limited or no movement of civilian employees. Move of the delivery of services outside the Beltway.

It’s all good.

I hope that Congressional notification has started cranking. Perhaps I could get a job blogging the official Coast Guard message? ;-)

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