Friday, May 18, 2007

Liberian Money Scam goes legit

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Did you catch what the U.S. government is asking Wachovia Bank to help with a transfer of money for the North Koreans?

From the Associated Press:
A U.S. bank said Friday it was considering a request to help solve an international funds transfer involving North Korea that has held up movement by the communist country to implement a landmark nuclear disarmament accord.

Wachovia Corp. said it has been asked "by the U.S. State Department to help them process an interbank transfer of funds held at other banks, which are the subject of negotiations with North Korea," bank spokeswoman Christy Phillips-Brown said, reading a statement.

"We have agreed to consider this request and our discussions with various government officials are continuing," she said on Thursday in the United States.

Charlotte, North Carolina-based Wachovia is the fourth-largest bank in the United States.
Isn't this just the Nigerian email money scheme? "Hey, I got all this money and I can't move it and I need your help."

You can read more than 500 sample fraud emails here.

I just hope Wachovia doesn't fall for this scam.

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