Thursday, May 24, 2007

Must reads from the sands of Iraq

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I am pretty sure I've pointed readers to them before, but I wanted to once again draw your attention to a few must reads from a couple of Milbloggers.

Pictures from the Army: Soldiers Media Center has great pics from Iraq and elsewhere. These are all official photographs, good stuff, and in the public doman.

A blog from Teflon Don, a 23-year old soldier who blogs from Iraq on his Acute Politics. His work is featured in the upcoming book from The Sandbox. He serves with a unit responsible for clearing mines and IEDs.

Badgers Forward, from Badger 6, an Army captain serving in Iraq. This is good stuff, complemented by his wife, Mrs. Badger 6, writing from home. He'll also be featured in the book The Sandbox.

Well, that's three for now. Happy reading.

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