Tuesday, May 15, 2007

No more CIAOs

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I mentioned last week that the term “Deepwater” was likely going to die a long death. Not the acquisition of new assets, but the term itself. It’s got baggage, and the baggage is darn heavy, as we all know. Coast Guard leaders will still use the term Deepwater when on The Hill, but that’ll be about it. The acquisition is going to be more traditional in structure. Another change likely to be seen is that the most testimony on The Hill for legacy-Deepwater will be captains and senior civilians; the flags and SES leaders will be saved for moments when real power needs to be brought in.

In a similar, but not so heavy rationale, manner, the CIAOs, the Commandant’s Intent Action Orders, will be placed aside. The CIAOs still exist, but the work groups and teams involved will no longer be directly associated with a specific CIAO. Instead, the work groups will be based on the four key organizational elements… plus a fifth, dangling chad.

Now the focus will not be on CIAOs but will be on strategic transformation. The strategic transformation is occurring within the framework of the key organizational elements:
  • DCMS: Deputy Commandant for Mission Support
  • DCO: Deputy Commandant for Operations
  • FORCECOM: Force Readiness Command
  • OPCOM: Operations Command
The dangling chad, the fifth organizational element which is taking hold is in the realm of financial management. The Coast Guard has got to pass the CFO Audit, and this is going to drive an “above the line” organization which is going to be created. CG-8, Planning, Resources & Procurement.

So, we’re going to be hearing more about strategic transformation, and less about CIAOs.


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