Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Numbered Staffs for the Coast Guard: Get used to it

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For a very long time, people in the Coast Guard have been talking about moving to numbered staff elements, similar to the numbered staffs used within the Department of Defense. A decade ago, I facilitated a working group that looked at moving the Atlantic Area staff to a numbered staff. It didn’t happen.

But, as with many things in the Coast Guard, things that in some organizations take months often take decades in the CG. Numbered staffs is just one of those things.

Numbered staffs is happening in the Coast Guard, and within a year or two, most major commands will have numbered staffs. As a public service to Coasties reading the Musings, I offer the following broad summary.
  • CG-00 – Command
  • CG-1 – Administration
  • CG-2 – Intelligence
  • CG-3 – Operations
  • CG-4 – Logistics
  • CG-5 – Plans & Exercises
  • CG-6 – C4I
  • CG-7 – Readiness & Capability
  • CG-8 – Resources
  • CG-9 - Transformation
Got it? There’ll be a quiz on this tomorrow.

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