Sunday, May 06, 2007

This is... more than disturbing

When I saw this referenced over at Below The Beltway, I found it hard to believe; now, I cringe.

From the Daily Mail we read,
A 17-year-old girl has been stoned to death in Iraq because she loved a teenage boy of the wrong religion.

As a horrifying video of the stoning went out on the Internet, the British arm of Amnesty International condemned the death of Du’a Khalil Aswad as "an abhorrent murder" and demanded that her killers be brought to justice.
Shocking, in a word.

Like the murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, this is just hard to believe.

Here's the video: I warn you, this is not for the feint of heart, but I feel compelled to post it not out of a sense of gruesome voyeurism, but because it is news-worthy:

With violence of this nature -- violence against someone because of their beliefs or race or whatever -- is that there is invariably retaliation. As there was in this case; see Amnesty International's news release were they note that in retaliation for the stoning of Ms. Aswad, twenty-three men of the same sect as the people who stoned Ms. Aswad were dragged from a bus and killed. And, no, they were not the same men who stoned Ms. Aswad, just of the same sect.

Question: What in the blazes do we think we do in a country where this is tolerated? At least one member of a security force (police?) witnessed the crime; evidently there haven't been any arrests or legal action of any sort. It seems to be condoned.

I'm beside myself.


  1. All cultures are equal. Anyone who is offended by this video is a racist. This is what multiculturalism has taught me.

  2. In response to what we can possibly do in a place where such acts are tolerated:

    Appeal to their (sunni or shia) scholars and imams. As with any reform or change to be brought to this region, advice can only be introduced by those within the community. Their religion, sunni nor shia Islam, does not condone honor killings. Iraqis are not subhuman or inhuman, and we can't group them all together and deny that it is impossible to rationalize with them.