Saturday, May 26, 2007

Unnamed US Senator Opposed to Transparency in Government

There's irony here, and I suspect the person who created the irony just doesn't see it.

Steven Aftergood over at the Federation of American Scientists Project on Government Secrecy blog, Secrecy News, posted that
An unidentified Republican Senator placed a secret hold on the Open Government Act, a bipartisan bill to strengthen the Freedom of Information Act, thereby preventing the Senate from acting on the bill this week.
So, let's see... a senator is using an anonymous hold in order to stall a bill that would increase transparency in government. At least Senator Patrick Leahy sees the irony.
It is both unfortunate and ironic that this bipartisan bill, which promotes sunshine and openness in our government, is being hindered by a secret and anonymous hold. This is a good government bill that Democrats and Republicans alike, can and should work together to enact. I hope that the Senator placing the secret hold on this bill will come forward, so that we can resolve any legitimate concerns, and the full Senate can promptly act on this legislation.
Some people just aren't willing to publicly take a stand, I guess. They'd rather hide behind curtains.

This isn't the government I hoped for.

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