Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The author sometimes handles the lines

This morning, due to a fortuitous set of events including the Portsmouth/Norfolk ferry not having enough deck hands, I ran into Deon Glover. I met Deon shortly after moving to Portsmouth a dozen years ago. At that time he was a deck hand and, later, a captain on the ferry. He's now a manager for the company that holds the contract with TRT to provide ferry service.

Anyway, he and the missing deck hand were waiting in Norfolk when the ferry arrived. Whenever I see Deon, I'm greated with a wide smile and a firm handshake. We usually talk about writing or fatherhood. Today, we covered both. Today he told me that his book, which he's been working on for nearly as long as I've known him, was recently published. Turning the Hearts of Fathers is available in bookstores and online.

I'm excited for Deon. He's long had the dream of publishing a book; he's now working on a 2nd volume. And, I think it's great that he's realized the dream while living and working and contributing to the life of Hampton Roads. This is, indeed, an awesome place to be.

Now, to get the book to read...

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