Friday, June 15, 2007

I love the sound of construction in the morning, Part 2

As if the new development at the Holiday Inn site will not provide a new level of noise & mess, however temporary in the grand scheme of things, now we learn there's likely more in store.

From Janie Bryant at the Virginian-Pilot we learn that Aging Portsmouth utility pipes need $53 million upgrade:
Those architectural gems of Olde Towne aren't downtown's only claim to history.

Some of the water mains date back to 1888, one-third of the sewage system was installed before 1910, and three-fourths of the storm drainage pipes are too small by today's standards.

So before new buildings begin to rise on the waterfront and other designated downtown hot spots, city leaders will need to revitalize what's below ground.

That's the big message that came out of a study released this week. The study, which included a whopping $53 million price tag for water, sewage and storm drain improvements, was used to create a new Downtown Master Utility Plan aimed at supporting redevelopment projects.
Somehow, this is all sounding like a huge sum of money.

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