Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Military Judges Operate Independently: I'll bet there's a price to pay, however

I wrote yesterday about the Army judge who nixed the administration's march toward putting the Gitmo detainees on trial.

Today, from MSNBC, there's this:
Army Maj. Beth Kubala, spokeswoman for the Office of Military Commissions that organizes the trials, said “the public should make no assumption about the future of military commissions.”

She said they will continue to operate openly and fairly and added that dismissals of the charges “reflect that the military judges operate independently.”

She declined to comment on how the Office of Military Commissions planned to respond to the setbacks, saying she didn’t want to speculate.
Well, I'll speculate... let's see, among other responses, I'm betting Colonel Peter E. Brownback III is never selected as a general officer...

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