Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More Metro...

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Here's another bit on Washington's Metro... and, yes, I'm stepping in to the fray; I figure since I spent the better part of my youth in Fairfax County near Mount Vernon and Woodlawn, and 3 years of my post-collegiate years living, working, and going to graduate school in northern Virginia, I can at least put a toe in... Anyway, there was this gem recently in the Washington Post about Metro. From Lena H. Sun:
Months-long delays in getting new rail cars and constant overhauls of older ones have left Metro without the equivalent of five to six trains during rush hours on some days, at a time when record numbers of people are riding the subway.

For years, Metro has been counting on new cars to alleviate the rush-hour crowds that are jamming platforms and trains as the summer season gets underway. The first new cars were on the tracks in the fall, but a litany of problems -- including faulty software, mechanical problems and troubles with doors -- has delayed the availability of many more.
Who's riding and does it make a difference there aren't as many cars? Likely.
Metro has recorded three of its top 10 ridership days in its 31-year history this month. The most recent was June 13, when 789,247 passenger trips were recorded, its ninth-highest tally.

And then there was this nugget:
Metro has little room for error during rush hours. The agency needs 782 of its 978 cars to run enough trains during peak times.
Well, at least they're using metrics...

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