Saturday, June 23, 2007

More on the VP

On USS Kitty Hawk
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I didn't realize Mr. Cheney's Secret Service code name was Angler.

The Washington Post is in the midst of a series of articles detailing the Veep's role. The WaPo claims,
Dick Cheney is the most influential and powerful man ever to hold the office of vice president. This series examines Cheney's largely hidden and little-understood role in crafting policies for the War on Terror, the economy and the environment.
In their first article, Barton Gellman and Jo Becker note that Cheney, by-passing the Secretary of State, the National Security Advisor, and the Attorney General, got President Bush to sign a sweeping order:
Foreign terrorism suspects held by the United States were stripped of access to any court -- civilian or military, domestic or foreign. They could be confined indefinitely without charges and would be tried, if at all, in closed "military commissions."
All on the back of envelope.

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