Friday, June 08, 2007

Oh! The injustice!

That the judge would send Ms. Hilton back to the Big House.

From Sarah Hall of eOnline:
A day after she was "reassigned" from jail to house arrest due to an undisclosed medical condition, the hotel heiress was sent back to the slammer by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer, the same judge who originally sentenced her to 45 days for violating her probation on an alcohol-related driving charge.

The judge ordered that Hilton return to Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California, to serve out at least 23 days. After hearing the verdict, a weeping Hilton was escorted from the courtroom by a female deputy, screaming, "It's not right! Mom!"
Oh, this poor child, having to spend another three weeks in the clink, all while suffering from some undisclosed medical condition.

So, so, sad.

What's to become of her? Will southern California's nightlife come to a screetching halt? Will this lead to a nation-wide economic slowdown?

Oh, the injustice...

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