Friday, June 08, 2007

Poetry in Olde Towne

No, Nikki Giovanni, poet and currently a professor at Virginia Tech, was not present... but it was her birthday yesterday, and in celebration, Jon Francis sponsored an open mic night at Olde Towne Bakery & Cafe. It was quite a good crowd, perhaps fifty folks (every seat in the cafe was taken). Toward the end of the evening, Annabel (Jon's alter ego, a friend of Flip Wilson's Geraldine) made an appearance. The best line of the night:

Q. Annabel, what would you do if you were president?

A: I'd bring Bill back to help out; now there's a real man.

Rousing laughter and applause.

Commentary: Okay, there likely weren't too many Republicans in the room... the Senator wasn't mentioned at all... Bill really is a "man of the people, for the people." Warts and all, he's loved by many... or at least the poetry crowd at the Bakery last night...

I think that perhaps next time, Annabel ought to be joined by Precious and Ellie.

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