Monday, June 18, 2007

The Senator is a Renagade?

Barack Obama in Onawa
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Great story (okay, it's a fluff piece) in the Washington Post about Secret Service codenames for protectees.

Here's a quiz: Match the protectee with the proper code name:

Al Gore
Barack Obama
Bill Clinton
George H.W. Bush
George W. Bush
Hillary Clinton
Jimmy Carter
John Kerry
Ronald Reagan


And, yes, there's one more code name than protectee listed. One person had two different names.

From Anne E. Kornblut's story:
These days, though, the code names have little to do with actual safety; instead they play a more ceremonial and logistical role, letting agents bark easily understood directions into their sleeves as a protectee is moving from location to location. "There's really no secrecy to it," said security expert William H. Pickle, who was the special agent in charge of Gore's detail. According to Pickle, the names were useful when radio and phone communications were unsecured and easily picked up by outsiders; now the military and Secret Service can communicate over highly secured lines, making a code name irrelevant. Still, habit lives on.

"It started out years ago as a security function, and it had a real security aspect. Communications were limited, and it caused enough confusion to allow you to have a movement without people understanding," Pickle said. "Anymore, though? It's really just for convenience -- and tradition."
Oh, and to find the answers... well, you'll just have to read Ms. Kornblut's story.

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