Friday, June 01, 2007

Tuberculosis Andy: What are the odds?

"Tuberculosis Andy"
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I guess I wasn't the only person in the blogosphere who found it a bit "off" that young Mr. Speaker's father-in-law was a tuberculosis researcher. From The Lede over at the New York Times:
Your blogger rates it a safe bet that many a reader reacted the way he did to the reports about That Guy With TB and the fact that his new father-in-law just happens to be, of all things, a scientist who studies that very disease and has worked for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the agency that isolated him:

“Wow - what are the odds of that?”

All concerned say this strange coincidence is just that, and that however Andrew Speaker came to be infected, it wasn’t through the work of his father-in-law, Dr. Bob Cooksey.
Patrick J. Lyons from the New York Times says, "Memo to Andrew Speaker: Buy a lottery ticket, man."

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