Monday, July 30, 2007

Congress considering ten times the recommended amount

Craney Island
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Let me see if I have this straight. The Army Corps of Engineers recommends that Congress fund some $30 million for the new, proposed Virginia Port Authority massive marine terminal, and in turn our elected officials bring home the bacon to the tune of 10 times the requested amount.

Over at the Virginian Pilot, Gregory Richards wrote,
The huge increase in federal money means the $712 million cost of building the project's levees would be equally split between the federal government and the state-controlled authority. The Army Corps of Engineers had recommended only $31.3 million, or about a four percent federal contribution.
Seems Senator Warner, who served on the House and Senate conference that reconciled the two appropriations bills for $21 billion Water Resources Development Act. What I find surprising is that both the Senate and the House bills had Craney Island down for $31.2 million. It appears the conference committee was able to compromise... for the ballooned sum of $356.1 million.

Now that's bacon, baby.

On the Senator's website, he notes,
Currently, I am focused on national defense, the economy, and homeland security issues, among many others that are of great importance to Virginia and the nation.
I'm thinking he's also focused on bringing home the bacon to ensure re-election.

Let's see what he can do for light rail.

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