Sunday, July 22, 2007

Door wide open

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From Spencer S. Hsu in the Washingon Post we learn, Envoy Urges Visas For Iraqis Aiding US: Targets of Violence Are Seeking Refuge.

Okay, here's a plan. Let's say I was a Jihadist and I wanted to enter the United States. I help the U.S. forces a bit, get my buddies to blow up my house (when I'm away with my family shopping). I get the visa, come to the United States, pretend to be thankful... and sleep. And the pretending to be thankful isn't pretend, since I'm thankful that I'm here and can now do what I need to do to bring the fight to American soil. Presto. Terrorist in the U.S.

Perhaps I'm just paranoid.

Perhaps I've been reading too many books.

Perhaps they will not think of this.

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