Sunday, July 22, 2007

MSM takes on Black Velvet Bruce Li

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Interesting article in the Washington Post about Greg Letiecq, writer of Black Velvet Bruce Li.

Although... I'm not sure it's the image I want spread about the blogosphere:
Among the ranks of the online martial artists who spin and strike across the so-called blogosphere, Letiecq is a virtual ninja, practicing character assassination, innuendo and exhortation with the skill of a black belt.
He's a hard-hitting, blunt, tough commentator on politics, and people like that.
That's according to David Mastio,
who tracks 200 Virginia political blogs on his, ranks Letiecq "the most influential conservative blogger in Northern Virginia" and among the top three most-influential political blogs in the state.
Reminds me of why I didn't go into journalism: I have a sense that civility is all but lost.

Of course, perhaps I'm just sour grapes talk'n over here.

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