Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Portsmouth City Council: On the prowl

Portsmouth City Council
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Several weeks ago, I'd said I was going to profile the members of the Portsmouth City Council.

I seem to have missed on the follow-through.

One of the key things I'm interested in is relationships between council members and other prominent Portsmouth folk and possible conflicts of interest.

No, not that we'd see that in this day and age, however... I've heard scuttle.

One of the things I've heard scuttle with is the redevelopment project at the Holiday Inn site. I've heard that someone tight with one of the council members was offering his services to broker the deal... for a cut of $2 million dollars. I've also heard that the winning proposal has no local contractor partners, no small business set-asides, no local set-asides. I've also heard the winning proposal didn't address the relationship between the site and the marina.

But I'm really psyched about that $1.2 million roundabout at the other end of Crawford Street. That was money well spent... for sure.

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