Friday, July 20, 2007

What will athletes do...

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... to gain the competitive edge?

Two stories in the New York Times today which, taken together, show that the future of unadulterated sports is likely gone, if it ever was here.

Jere Longman gives us Fit Young Pitchers See Elbow Repair as Cure-All which details a growing trend of teenagers seeking elective reconstructive surgery in order to enhance their performance.

Just what we need, kids having surgery because they feel like it. And to think that the surgery has a success rate of 80 to 85 percent. Hate to be in the 20 percent.

Edward Wyatt tells us Tour Leader Faces Ban After Missing 2 Drug Tests. We're not even over last year's alleged doping scandal, and we're already talking about this year's.

Does it matter? Do we want to ban enhancing surgeries and drugs? To what end? Have sports become perhaps too big, with the money being just too appealing, that any edge is worth it?

We are not entering a brave new world; we're already here.

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