Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ethanol: Chesapeake, get a clue

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I'm intrigued that Chesapeake is still considering allowing for an ethanol plant to be build within the city. They must be nuts. Well, that and the fact that the impact will really be on their neighbors to the north, Portsmouth. Guess we know what they really think of Portsmouth.

From Meghan Hoyer at the Virginian-Pilot:
Before the Portsmouth council, engineer Rick Starnes, whose company is consulting International Bio Energy Virginia, said the $400 million project would boost the local economy by providing jobs and creating clean fuel for Virginians. He insisted the company's technology is environmentally friendly and safe.

His comments were dismissed by council members.

"You're wasting your time trying to get us to do something that's certainly not in the best interests of our citizens' health and well-being," Mayor Jim Holley said. "It's an insult for you to come to a meeting - this thing has been going on for two years... and you want us to double-cross our citizens? We're not going to do it."
Stand firm, Mayor Holley. A million bucks for a roundabout is one thing; this plan is just pure evil.

Anybody wonder why ethanol plants are usually built in the middle of nowhere? Not because it's close to corn. No, the real reason is that the plant makes the neighborhood unlivable.

If Chesapeake is so keen to have the plant in their fair city, perhaps they'd like to build it here.

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