Saturday, August 11, 2007

How not to keep customers

This past week, I was in Oklahoma. My trip out was one of the worst trips I've had in years. And, once I arrived at Will Rogers Airport, the Dollar Rent a Car folks -- with whom I had a reservation -- only iced the cake. I'd have gone to another vendor, but no one had cars available without reservations.

My complaint, today, to their customer service department:
This is in reference to a rental from Will Rogers Airport, Oklahoma City, on 08/06/2007:

1. When I arrived at the counter for Dollar, there was a very long line and only one representative working. I stood in line FOR MORE THAN HOUR before getting assistance. When I asked the clerk about it, she told me that they had more than 3 times the usual amount of cars reserved. Well, if this is the case, why did management not have more people at the counter to help customers. You know when we're coming to get our cars; staff apporpriately.

2. Actually getting the car was somewhat problematic also, as the one person at the lot was slammed also.

3. When I returned my car, representatives were unable to print a receipt for me. No paper or a broken machine or something. Unexcusable.

4. When I called today to get a copy of my receipt emailed or faxed to me, your customer service office was closed. This doesn't help me as I attempt to complete my travel claim for reimbursement.

Based on this expierence, I am likely to never rent from Dollar again. And, I will tell all my colleagues about my experiences. Needless to say, but I will anyway, I'm not a satisfied customer.

Please email a copy of my receipt.
I'll post how they handle my complaint.

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