Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Response from Dollar Rent A Car

Dollar Bus
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Earlier, I wrote about my experience with Dollar Rent a Car in Oklahoma and my five point complaint to them. Today, I received a reply back:
Dear Peter Stinson,

Thank you for contacting us. We appreciate the opportunity to assist. Attached is a copy of the rental agreement you requested. Thank you for choosing Dollar Car Rental. We look forward to serving your rental needs in the future!


Pam Henderson
Staff Assistant
Er, what about my other comments?

As to my future car rental needs in the future, Dollar moves to the bottom of the list.


  1. yes...i had kind of same experience with this


  3. I rented from Dollar at the Sacramento Airport. Our rental car was broken into at our hotel in Folsom. The portable Garmin navigation system was stolen from the glove box. We filed a Police Report and called the main office for Dollar to report the incident to them. I also called the credit card company as I had insurance for such things through them. When I returned the vehicle to the Airport Dollar attempted to charge me $852.00 for a $320.00 navigation system. When I refused to sign they would not allow me to leave to catch my flight. They were marking up the navigation unit in excess of 2.5% and I had no choice but to sign or miss my flight. I signed but noted that I disagreed with the amount charged and was signing under duress. I contacted my attorney upon my return home who informed me their behavior was fraudulent at best. Are these guys theives or what?? I will never do business with this company again.

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