Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hillary Clinton: 63% chance of landing the Democratic nomination

Hillary Clinton
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Or so suggests the markets at Inkling. There are at least two markets running about the Democratic nomination for president. One has Senator Clinton at 62.51and the other has her at 63.17.

What does this mean, if anything? Well, it means that the people who play Inkling think that Senator Clinton has about a 63% chance of capturing the nomination. It's not that the Inkling players want her to, but that they think she will.

On the home page, Inkling notes,
Capturing the collective intelligence of a diverse group of people to give you insight about what may happen in the future vs. relying solely on individual experts is a very powerful phenomena many organizations and individuals are increasingly taking advantage of.
I find it interesting that both markets are about the same, at least with Senator Clinton.

This whole thing that Inkling provides is fascinating. I recommend checking out their home page and reading about the company and what it can do.

By the way, I made a killing on Tiger Woods for Who will win the Fed Ex cup?

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