Saturday, September 22, 2007

Neo-Nazis website attracts attention of the FBI

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Yesterday, I posted about a neo-Nazi website that published the names and addresses of the Jena-6. Indeed, this was the same person/site that published my name, address, and phone number when I helped spearhead the Rally for Social Justice in Yorktown in 2006.

Anyway, the MSM is reporting that the FBI is looking into this latest posting of information. From Avis Thomas-Lester at the Washington Post:
FBI agents are looking into a neo-Nazi Web site, which has listed the home addresses and phone numbers of the six black teenagers charged in the beating of a white schoolmate in Jena, La., a bureau spokeswoman said last night.

The Thursday posting on the site that lists the information also encourages readers to "get in touch, and let them know justice is coming."
Their hatred runs deep. Yesterday, the owner of the neo-Nazi website wrote what he thought would be "appropriate punishment" for the Jena 6. I'll not quote him here, but know that it was barbaric and inciting.

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