Saturday, September 08, 2007

The power of blogging

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This is interesting: self-labeled pedophile Jack McClellan is tracked by bloggers across the country.

From Tomas Alex Tizon at the Los Angeles Times,
Jack McClellan, the self-labeled pedophile who was hounded out of Southern California last month, has eluded criminal prosecution, but he has not been able to shake off the public's watchful eye.

A nationwide web of bloggers who have been tracking his movements told police this week that McClellan had moved to the Portland, Ore., area. The 45-year-old is a native of Arlington, Wash.
This guy has never been charged with a sex crime and has no known criminal history, but he's definitely off-center. He's quoted as telling the Bellingham Herald, "I think I'm just the tip of the iceberg of this thing. I think there are a lot of men that have this attraction to little girls."

Let's hope not.

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