Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ten million dollars for 500 recruits

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The U.S. Army recently announced that it had exceeded its recruiting numbers for August, enlisting 528 more recruits than the goal of 9,600. How'd they rack up those impressive numbers during a time that Josh White from the Washington Post calls "one of the most difficult recruiting environments in the history of the all-volunteer Army"?

Bucks. Plain and simple. Since late July, the Army has been offering recruits $20K to "ship quick" to basic training.

To exceed make the numbers, the Army spent $10,560,000 for the 528 men and women. If all of August's recruits took the quick-ship bonus, the Army spent $202,560,000 on bonuses alone.

That's a big piece of change. We seem to be spending a sh**-load of money on Iraq, a military excursion which we weren't backed into but rather chose.

I'm not sure I can stomach it.

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