Friday, October 19, 2007

Are IEDs headed to us here?

IED attack
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While improvised explosive devices are everyday occurrences in Iraq, there's been talk recently that perhaps we'll see more of this sort of attack within the United States. In his Leadership Journal,
Michael Chertoff posted today, Preventing IED Attacks:
All of us have seen the horrible images of our soldiers being attacked overseas by roadside bombs and other forms of IEDs. Over the past two decades, IEDs have been used by terrorists in attacks ranging from the U.S.S. Cole to the London and Madrid bombings to the Oklahoma City attack in 1995. IEDs remain a terrorist weapon of choice: they are easy to make, difficult to defend against, and cause untold death and destruction.

I wonder how we've escaped so relatively unscathed thus far. Secretary Chertoff notes,
In all of this, we are making it harder for terrorists to acquire materials to make IEDs. We are educating state and local partners on the latest IED threats and techniques. We are working with the private sector to elevate security in and around critical infrastructure. And we are providing substantial resources, including $1.7 billion to date in grants for IED prevention, detection, protection, and response.

There is no guarantee against an IED attack, but we are raising our barrier against the use of this deadly terrorist weapon. Of course, an alert and informed public is a key part of our nation’s defense. We appreciate your continued vigilance and your support.
Although, a review of the Global Incident Map shows all isn't as quiet as you might think. And to think that the Global Incident Map only reflects those things reported in the media; it doesn't catch the multitude of classified incidents (and there are many) that don't get any press.

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