Saturday, October 13, 2007

A case of limited vision

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I'm a great fan of Google applications, but I don't use Google for everything. Zoho is a superb set of web applications; recently, I used Zoho Creater to create a system for my colleagues and I to capture details about our work. There's nothing at Google -- or elsewhere -- that can do this sort of work.

Turns out that they've made the mainstream and now everybody -- or at least everybody who is apparently jealous of success -- is throwing tomatoes.

From the Zoho blog, we learn Ted Dziuba was interviewed by Wired and claimed that Zoho was "a bullshit company" and that their "sole goal is to take every desktop app that ever existed and reimplement it in Ajax with no added features or functionality."

I think, actually, that Mr. Dziuba lets us in on his real motivations when he says, "It irritates me as an engineer that companies with no engineering merit, first off, are getting funded and, second off, are getting bought out."

Sounds like jealousy to me.

But, he can rag on all he wants. Zoho has a superb suite of applications, and if Mr. Dziuba truly believes that the Zoho products are merely "pre-written" and simply "put" all together, or that these products have "no added features or functionality" from their desk-top brethren, then Mr. Dziuba either hasn't really looked at the Zoho applications or has spent the last several years living with his eyes closed and his ears filled with wax.

If you haven't yet tried out Zoho, do.

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  1. Peter : Thanks for your appreciative and very encouraging words! Nice having you as a Zoho fan :-)