Sunday, October 07, 2007

Google has added Public Transit Directions in Google Maps

That's right, Google has added Public Transit Directions in Google Maps. I figured this would be a cool tool, but not for me. There's no way Hampton Roads would be included; this isn't New York or San Francisco or Chicago.

I was wrong.
Google Maps integrated the data about public transportation routes previously available at Google Transit. That means you'll have a new option for directions: take public transit. "Google Maps will suggest up to four trips for you to take, which may contain different modes of transportation. For example, one trip may use the train while another uses the bus." You can choose the departure or the arrival time and see estimations for cost and travel time.

Unfortunately, the service is only available in a very limited number of US cities (including San Francisco Bay Area, Portland, Dallas, Seattle) and Japan.
Great another cool tool... for someone else.

As I've said, I was wrong.

It's not cool.


No, actually, it is quite cool, and Hampton Roads is included!

Check out the list of included cities:
* Burbank, California
* Orange County, California
* San Diego, California
* San Francisco Bay Area, California (BART)
* Santa Clara Valley, California (VTA)
* Tampa, Florida
* Honolulu, Hawaii
* Duluth, Minnesota
* Reno, Nevada
* Eugene, Oregon
* Portland, Oregon
* Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
* Austin, Texas
* Dallas, Texas
* Hampton Roads, Virginia (HRT)
* Seattle, Washington
* Japan (All regional and national rail networks, domestic airlines and ferries)
I was stunned: we've become a geek city!

Sadly, the ferry schedule is not included. Perhaps they'll add the ferry at some point. And, of course, The Tide will be added once the rails are humming.

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