Wednesday, October 10, 2007

If Hampton Roads really wants to be "with it"...

Baby Loves Disco 03
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... we're going to need to capture a Baby Loves Disco franchise.

From Joyesha Chesnick at the Tucson Citizen we learn about the latest fad for parents and their little ones:
Chances are you won't get carded at Tucson's hottest new dance club. But you will need a child - someone under the age of 11 or so - to come along if you want to get in.

Baby Club Congress, a family disco, debuts Sunday in digs that Esquire magazine recently called one of the best bars in America. Organizers say their goal is "putting the 'P' back in party."

"It was the end of summer, and I wanted something different to do," said Rebecca Hanley, whose parents have owned Hotel Congress, 311 E. Congress St., since 1984. "All these moms were saying they're stuck at home."

Then she heard from a friend in Boston about Baby Loves Disco, the brainchild of Heather Murphy Monteith, a Philadelphia mom fed up with the commercialism (not to mention the junk food) that seems to dominate traditional kid-oriented venues. From a humble start in a nightclub in 2004, Baby Loves Disco now has locations in more than 21 cities.

"Baby Loves Disco is an urban experiment and experience that challenges many norms . . . (It) serves the priorities of the family by refusing to accept that parenting is an isolated experience," Murphy Monteith wrote on her Web site.
Perhaps we can get Bar Norfolk or Have a Nice Day Cafe or Jillians to throw a baby disco night every month.

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  1. GREETINGS FROM TUCSON! Hey, I love love love the Club Congress. It's just a little hotel in the downtown done up in Arizona/Mission Style, with a Cafe and Club and an old bar. It's great. If you come this way check it out.

    I can also tell y'all other things to check out when you're here if you want... my email is

    My parents still live in Hampton Roads. Their house is for sale at I designed the site for them.

    If I were going to stay in Hampton Roads, the CNU area is where I'd prefer to be because it is a younger scene now, and that section of Newport News is crime free.

    Hey, great blog and remember that when you get cold this winter.... I'll be niiiice and warm. ;)