Thursday, October 11, 2007

More bonus material

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I'd forgotten that I'd read yesterday that the Army is also offering bonuses to Captains and Majors so they'll stay in.

Ann Scott Tyson from the Washington Post tells us, Army Offers Big Cash To Keep Key Officers:
The Army is offering cash bonuses of up to $35,000 to retain young officers serving in key specialties -- including military intelligence, infantry and aviation -- in an unprecedented bid to forestall a critical shortage of officer ranks that have been hit hard by frequent deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Army officials said that lengthy and repeated war-zone tours -- the top reason younger officers leave the service -- plus the need for thousands of new officers as the Army moves forward with expansion plans have contributed to a projected shortfall of about 3,000 captains and majors for every year through 2013.

We are in a bit of bind, are we not?

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