Saturday, October 06, 2007

Southwest continues to censor what passengers wear

master baiter
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Southwest continues to censor what we wear.

You may remember Kyla Ebbert and her troubles this past summer. Well, recently Joe Winiecki, of Largo, Florida, was denied boarding when he was wearing a tee shirt which featured the words "Master Baiter." In the AP story we're told it's a "fictional fishing shop." It's not so fictional.

I digress... so Mr. Winiecki's story:
Winiecki, who was traveling home, said he was in his seat when an employee told him he had to change his T-shirt, turn it inside out, or get off the plane.

Winiecki protested that the airline was infringing on his right to free speech, but changed his shirt fearing he would miss the flight and a day's work.
Will they learn?

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