Monday, October 08, 2007

What had she seen that she didn't like?

"Band of Brothers"
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This story is disturbing. Ciara Durkin, a member of the Massachusetts National Guard deployed to Afghanistan, told her parents to be very suspect if anything were to happen to her. She told them, "Ask many questions if I die; I made some enemies."

She was found dead, shot to the head, on the airbase she was assigned to.

Diana Schoberg and Sue Scheible of the The Patriot Ledger wrote,
Ciara Durkin was home on leave last month and expressed a concern to her family in Quincy: If something happens to me in Afghanistan, don’t let it go without an investigation.

Durkin, 30, a specialist with a Massachusetts National Guard finance battalion, was found dead last week near a church at the Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan. She had been shot once in the head, the Army says.
Most disturbing. TV movie disturbing. Indie film disturbing. Big-Ass Hollywood Studio film disturbing.

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