Friday, November 30, 2007

China: Flexing it's muscles

Cosco Busan Repairs
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Seems that China has decided to keep American military platforms from visiting Hong Kong and other Chinese ports of call. Andrew Gray of Reuters tells us, China blocked another U.S. ship.
China turned down a request for another U.S. Navy ship to visit Hong Kong amid a spat over a long-planned docking of the USS Kitty Hawk aircraft carrier, the Pentagon said on Friday.

Washington has complained that China, at the last minute, blocked a visit by the Kitty Hawk and accompanying ships for the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday last week. Family and friends of crew members had flown in to meet their loved ones.

The United States has also complained China refused to let two minesweepers shelter from a storm in Hong Kong last week.
Okay, let me get this straight. They denied two vessels permission to seek shelter from a storm. Wouldn't this be a case of Force Majeure?

I think the Chinese are playing dirty... they deny entry to US ships... and then they drive one of their merchant vessels into a bridge and cause a spill in the San Francisco Bay.

Of course, they deny the COSCO BUSAN is their vessel, although COSCO is China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company which is a "government owned company of the People's Republic of China."

Perhaps we ought to deny entry into the United States of all Chinese vessels.


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  1. They did ratify the Convention of the Law of the Sea, as the 92nd country to do so on 7 June 1996. Are there penalties for doing this?

    But it would begin to get interesting if we too began to do the same, especially up here in the NW.