Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Air Force has nothing on the Coast Guard

CDR Salamander has suggested, based on a photograph of a group of senior Air Force officers, the Navy is no longer top on the list of "service with uniform issues." Issues. You know. Uniforms are supposed to make members of the service uniform, but there are so many variations on uniforms that members are never uniform.

I think CDR Salamander forgot about President Bush's visit to Philadelphia in March 2003. This was a major photo event for the Coast Guard, and you'd think we'd look are best. We did. Sadly, this is our best:
Where two or three Coasties are gathered together... are two or three different uniform variations.
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  1. Why do you think they're funding the FWPII and the messages that "standardized" a uniform for ceremonial details - see the pic for the MLB Triumph memorial.

    The CG has always had somewhat of a uniform issue. Probaly the steadiest period for CG uniforms was in the 1980's. Post-khaki, pre-ODU.