Monday, January 21, 2008

Former college president takes a bit of heat

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A former president of my undergraduate alma mater seems to have found someone in the media biz who's out to lambaste at any opportunity.

Dave Wedge writes in Dobelle prize: Next cushy job,
Former Pittsfield mayor Evan Dobelle’s taxpayer-funded gravy train was generously refueled when the ousted University of Hawaii president started a cushy new gig as head of Westfield State College this week.

The Porsche-driving college prez was raking in $442,000 a year at UHawaii until 2004, when the school’s board of regents tired of his travel junkets, $40,000 in golf club memberships and other questionable uses of college funds, according to published reports.
And Mr. Wedge doesn't let up.

Almost seems as if it's somehow personal.

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  1. Just the same old Camp TrinTrin entitlement virus.